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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Food shopping: Rotten fruit from Costco Wholesale, Can't Can't Sale at ShopRite

A display of Victoria Pasta Sauce was mislabeled as Silver Palate Pasta Sauce this week during the Summer Can Can Sale at ShopRite, Forest Avenue and Route 4 east in Paramus, above.
A couple of days later the correct sign showed a 24-ounce jar of Victoria Marinara still wasn't a bargain at $2.99.




If you missed seeing the trays of large California peaches that started appearing at Costco Wholesale in Teterboro in June, there's a good chance you were attracted by their fragrance.

We made sure to buy a tray of 11 peaches weekly, and if we didn't eat them out of hand, they were terrific grilled and served with Costco's fresh wild sockeye salmon fillets.

But the 5-pound tray of white-flesh peaches ($10.99) we brought home on July 6 from the warehouse in the Teterboro Landing Shopping Center started rotting almost immediately, attracting fruit flies.

Meanwhile, instead of ripening on the counter, a 3-pound tray of large apricots ($6.49) from the Costco Wholesale Business Center in Hackensack also rotted.

We were able to return peaches and apricots for a full refund, but I didn't bother going back to the ShopRite in Paramus after a couple of the small California peaches I bought there got moldy instead of ripened.

Was all that bad fruit stored improperly?

Summer Can Can Sale

Never have so many food shoppers searched in vain for bargains as they have at recent Can Can promotions, and the Summer Can Can Sale going on now at ShopRite Supermarkets is no exception.

In fact, every Can Can Sale seems to have fewer deep discounts than its predecessor, as if manufacturers are saying, We Can't Can't subsidize the promotion any longer.

Adirondack has changed the design of its 12-can packages of Lemon Lime Seltzer and other flavors, but they weren't on sale for $1.99, as they have been in the past during Can Can Sales at ShopRites in Paramus and Englewood.
A Summer Can Can special at the Paramus and Englewood ShopRites are large cans of Dole 100% Pineapple Juice from concentrate for $1.88 each, above. But the Costco Business Center at 80 South River St. in Hackensack has an instant coupon good through today for three cans of Dole 100% Pineapple Juice -- not from concentrate -- for $1.36 each. Both are non-GMO and come in BPA-free cans.
Cans of Glade air freshener were 93 cents each with ShopRite's Price Plus loyalty card.
Two-liter tins of Botticelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil for $9.99 are marked "Imported from Italy," but most of them contain oil from Tunisia, Spain and Greece, as marked near the spout, below.

Although not part of the Summer Can Can promotion, New Jersey peaches were selling for $1.69 a pound at the Paramus ShopRite this week or 20 cents a pound more than Tree Ripe-brand peaches from California.
At the Paramus ShopRite on Thursday, I wasn't willing to pay $2.99 for a jar of Victoria Marinara, but did pay $2.99 for Victoria Low Sodium Marinara, left, which has 120 milligrams of sodium in each half cup (5% of the recommended daily maximum), compared to 420 milligrams in a half cup of the regular Victoria Marinara (18% of the recommended maximum). Victoria Marinara also is among the few bottled sauces with no added sugar.
The expansion and renovation of the ShopRite at 40 Nathaniel Place in Englewood is far from complete, as I discovered on Friday, when I went there to see if the store had Summer Can Can Sale promotions not available in Paramus. None were to be found.
If you didn't know better, you'd think the store had been hit by a storm or that you had been transported to the third world, above and below.