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Monday, November 11, 2019

SUGAR SHOCK: Readers of The Record, (201) magazine are overdosing on desserts

COSTCO WHOLESALE: Today, the bakery department in the Costco Wholesale warehouse in Teterboro, above and below, looked much as it did in these photos from a year ago. The ingredients label for the holiday cookies, above, listed sugar, butter, soybean oil, canola oil, palm oil, eggs, cocoa, chocolate liquor, unsweetened chocolate, butter oil, high-fructose syrup, corn syrup, brown sugar, artificial colors, beeswax, carnauba wax, shellac and gum arabic.
SUGARLAND: The bakery section does offer a decent baguette (twin pack), the only reason I ever venture there.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post first appeared in the Hackensack NJ Community Message Boards' discussion, "My favorite newspaper is not having a good day." Click on a link at the end to see more.


In the past week, The Record of Woodland Park promoted pies, extolling bakeries as close as Englewood and as far away as Morristown.

And (201) magazine devoted an entire glossy issue to desserts. The Dessert Issue was labeled "The Best of Bergen."

Last Wednesday's Better Living cover story, written by Food Editor Esther Davidowitz, praised 10 North Jersey bakeries for their pies. 

Better Living also published a "best pies" cover story in November 2018.

Davidowitz, a fashionably thin woman who could pass for a Jewish grandmother, looks like she never eats desserts.

(By the way, Davidowitz and the other food writers at The Record and NorthJersey.com call themselves @NorthJerseyEats. I suggest a change to @NorthJerseySucks.)

The cover of the November 2019 issue of (201) shows only glazed donuts and lemon slices for some reason, but inside you'll find lavish praise for more bakeries with photos of their owners, some of whom look like they've eaten too much of their own sugary treats.

Readers who are diabetic likely were repelled by the sight of so much sugar in one place. I never eat dessert, and felt like throwing up.

One could argue the editors of the Gannett-owned Record and (201) magazine are irresponsible in publishing so many pages devoted to pies and other desserts. 

Too much sugar, like excessive salt, can and does kill.

Industry lobbyists have spent millions bribing Congress to hide the amount of sugar listed on the government-mandated nutrition labels. 

Sugar is the only ingredient listed in grams, but unless you know how many grams there are in a teaspoon (about 4), you may not realize that 5-ounce cup of yogurt with fruit you're enjoying has 4 or 5 teaspoons of sugar in it.

Now, The Record and (201) are complicit in this coverup.

LADIES WHO LUNCH: Esther Davidowitz, third from right, and other food writers at The Record and NorthJersey.com (photo credit: NorthJersey.com).
LINKED TO CANCER: Food Editor Esther Davidowitz, left. Her fascination with and endless promotion of hot dog vendors ignores the preservatives used in the vast majority of them -- nitrates and nitrites -- which have been linked to cancer (photo credit: NorthJersey.com).

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