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Monday, January 16, 2017

A deep, deep discount on four LED bulbs is another bright idea at Costco Wholesale

At Costco Wholesale in Teterboro on Friday the 13th, a surprise $15 rebate on Feit Electric LED bulbs brought the price down to $1.99 or about 50 cents per bulb, above and below.


In the many years I've been a member of Costco Wholesale, I've never cared much for what the discount retailer refers to as the "Treasure Hunt."

This is the practice of moving around merchandise in the cavernous warehouses so members more or less have to walk by other items they may be tempted to buy before they find what's on their shopping lists.

However, on Friday, my wife went to the Teterboro warehouse to top up her tank at Costco's gas station and to pick up a few food and pharmacy items.

Just before she left, I noticed a porch light had burned out and added LED bulbs to her list.

She sent me a photo of the bulbs and the price sign, and I blinked a few times before I realized a 4-pack of dimmable Bright Light LED bulbs were only $1.99 after an instant $15 rebate.

I told her to buy two packs of the energy conserving bulbs, and she got the rebate on both.

Later, I looked in the Costco Wholesale instant-coupon booklet for Jan. 5-29, 2017, that was sent to our home, and couldn't find one for the bulbs.

So, this was one treasure hunt worth undertaking.

This morning, I returned to the Teterboro warehouse, looking for more 4 packs of LED bulbs, but couldn't find any.

At the Teterboro warehouse this morning, I bought 6 Soft White LED Bulbs for $4.99 after an instant $10 rebate or about 83 cents each.

At Costco, this sign was mistakenly placed over LED flood lights. There were no 3-bulb packs of Feit Electric LED Bulbs for 47 cents after a rebate in the aisle or elsewhere in the warehouse.

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