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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Media blast Trump as the fake president, con man, sucker, but they may be too late

Cartoons by Daryl Cagle, above, and Adam Zyglis, below, delight in the humiliating defeat suffered by President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, who withdrew the bill meant to replace the Affordable Care Act before it went down to defeat.
Zyglis is the cartoonist for The Buffalo News.



Despite President Trump's sinking popularity and a rising chorus of boos from the news media, the actual process of impeaching him is complicated and may be impossible while his fellow Republicans control Congress.

The bottom line is Trump would have to be convicted and removed from office by two-thirds of what is currently a Republican-controlled Senate.

"Removal actually requires five separate votes," Mike Rothschild of attn.com wrote in February, "two by the House Judiciary Committee, two by the entire House, the another vote in the Senate to convict."

So, it looks like the best chance the news media had to derail the serial liar was during the 2016 presidential campaign, and we all know how that turned out.

On Saturday, the lead story in The Record of Woodland Park didn't mention Trump until the fifth paragraph.

The first paragraph called cancellation of the vote on the GOP bill to replace the health-care law on Friday "a stunning defeat for Republicans."

The rest of Page 1 was devoted to a sensational court story, and a puff piece about Toys "R" Us, a major advertiser. 

Editor Richard A. Green, a veteran Gannett hatchet man, is already bored by the most difficult week Trump has had since he was inaugurated a little over two months ago.

Today's front page contains absolutely no mention of Trump.


And today's Opinion section is missing the usual Sunday cartoon from Jimmy Margulies, meaning he may have been one of the 350 employees of North Jersey Media Group laid off by Gannett since the paper changed hands last July.

Readers can see his cartoons about Trump at the Cagle.com website.

In Friday's Better Living section, Radio Waves Columnist Raymond A. Edel wrote a gracious farewell, and didn't even mention he was one of the 141 NJMG staffers laid off by Gannett last week.

Edel, who worked at The Record for 35 years, also wrote a gardening column.