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Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Record can't keep up with bizarre twists and turns of lying Trump regime

Freelance cartoonist Bob Englehart on President Trump's slow response to the wave of anti-Semitic bomb threats. Forgotten for the moment are Trump supporters' attacks against Jewish reporters covering the 2016 presidential campaign.



Now President Trump is calling for a congressional inquiry into whether Barack Obama tapped his phones, according to a New York Times breaking news alert sent to my smartphone this morning. 

"He still offered no proof of the charge," The Times added.

The USA Today story on Page 1 of The Record reports:

"Trump, in a Saturday morning tweetstorm, responded to the mounting questions over his ties to Russia by accusing ... Obama of wiretapping him ... just before the November election...."

USA Today labeled Trump's charge an "unsubstantiated outburst," and an Obama spokesman called it "simply false" (1A).

Although Trump has been in office for only six weeks, the number of investigations -- or calls for them -- seems to be unprecedented.

Paterson news

Most  of today's front page is devoted to an upbeat story on the homes built in one of Paterson's worst neighborhoods by Habitat for Humanity (1A).

A second story discusses rumors that police departments in North Jersey are rounding up illegal immigrants in Paterson, Newark and other communities (1A).

In Local, a story reports protesters pushed for a $15 minimum wage on Saturday at the Teterboro Landing Shopping Center in Teterboro (3L).

Their demonstration was aimed at Governor Christie, who vetoed a phase-in of the $15-an-hour minimum.

Thin edition

Once you recycle the useless Real Estate and Sports sections, there are only 40 pages of news and advertising in today's so-called Sunday edition.

In about 20 days, Gannett will lay off about 50 reporters and editors, who are among a total of 141 North Jersey Media Group employees the company is letting go.