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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

As Trump keeps on lying about everything, voters come to their senses in Hackensack

Hackensack Mayor John Labrosse and Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino embracing at the Stony Hill Inn on Tuesday night after their campaign's own count showed they and their running mates had been elected to four-year terms on the City Council.



In Tuesday's non-partisan City Council election, Hackensack avoided becoming a microcosm of the United States, rejecting the lies told by candidates who opposed Mayor John Labrosse and his running mates.

In unofficial results, the entire Labrosse Team was elected, defeating two other slates, including one backed by the Zisa family political machine.

The City Clerk's Office today released vote totals, which don't include mail-in ballots:

Mayor Labrosse, 1,828; Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino, 1,738; Councilman David Sims, 1,817; Councilman Leo Battaglia, 1,659; and Stephanie Von Rudenborg, 1,671.

All will be sworn to four-year terms on July 1. 

The totals for the Zisa-backed Hackensack United for Progress slate are: Lara L. Rodriguez, school board vice president, 1,197; former Councilman Jason Some, 1,249; Michael Williams, 1,161; Carlos Merino, 1,117; and Rommy Buttafuoco, 1,089.

The Hackensack Strong slate trailed:

Councilwoman Deborah Keeling-Geddis, 1,026; Angelica Carfi-Meneses, 801; David Dungey, 769; Rafael Del Rosario, 743; and Rich Cerbo, son of a former mayor, 816.

In a city with more than 22,000 registered voters, only about 4,000 votes were cast. Mail-in ballots aren't expected to affect the election of the Labrosse Team.

"Trump Nixon," a cartoon by R.J. Matson, compares the President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey to President Nixon's firing of the Watergate special prosecutor in the 1970s.

Trump lies again

"The president of the United States is lying again," The New York Times' Opinion Pages declared today.

"He is lying about the reason he fired James Comey, the FBI director," Op-Ed Columnist David Leonhardt writes.

"First, it's important to remember how often [President] Trump lies. Virtually, whenever he finds it more convenient to tell a falsehood than to tell the truth, he chooses a falsehood.

"An incomplete list of things he has lied about include:
"Barack Obama's birthplace, Obama's phone 'tapp," John F. Kennedy's assassination, Sept. 11, the Iraq war, ISIS, NATO, military veterans, Mexican immigrants, anti-Semitic attacks, the unemployment rate, the murder rate, the Electoral College, voter fraud, the size of the inaugural crowd, his health care bill and his own groping of woman."

Today's Record

Trump's firing of Comey dominates Page 1 of The Record today.

But the editors decided to have fun with the despicable act, using a big black "YOU'RE FIRED" to recall the reality TV show Trump once had.

Meanwhile, The Record's Editorial Board had other fish to fry, so the Woodland Park daily carries no editorial or opinion column on the uproar Trump is causing by apparently trying to disrupt the probe into ties between the Russians and his campaign.

The Record did come down hard on White House adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and his sister for pitching $500,000 investments in a Jersey City project that could get a Chinese family visas to enter the United States (10A).

Mother's Day

The Better Living section is urging readers, "GIVE MOTHER THE ROYAL TREATMENT" (1BL).

But whose mother could possibly eat the spread shown in the huge photo on the cover without checking into a hospital to recover, and just how much would all that food cost?

No prices are given. Ingredients include butter, ham, coconut milk and edible gold sheets.

Such lavish treatment seems designed to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the inheritance.

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