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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Grand opening of the new and improved M&M recreation center is set for Sept. 14

NEW, IMPROVED AND EXPANDED: Hackensack's new recreation center, above and below, known informally as the M&M Building, will open to the public on Sept. 14.
BIGGER AND BETTER: The project adds 9,800 square feet to the original recreation center, which was 7,700 square feet. The total project cost is $6.2 million. Thanks to Councilman Leo Battaglia for today's tour of the expanded recreation center.
A BIT OF HISTORY: The original M&M Building at 116 Holt Street was built more than 40 years ago on the former site of the Broadway School in what once was one of the biggest Italian-American neighborhoods in northern New Jersey. St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church is across the street.
FROM SMALL TO LARGE: The entrance hall of the original building was small and dark, but the new recreation center has an entrance hall crowned with a skylight, above and below.

GYMNASIUM: A regulation-size basketball court has seating for 400 on bleachers, below, and can be divided into two smaller courts.

FOR SENIORS: A multimedia room for older city residents, above and below, has a flat-screen TV and computers.

MORE RECREATION: Table tennis and a pool table also will be available to seniors.
MORE ACTIVITIES: A multi-purpose activity room for seniors.
LARGE BATHROOMS: One of the two large bathrooms in the new building.
HACKENSNACKS: If you're hungry, you'll be able to buy a hotdog and other snacks here.
THE ORIGINAL: A wall of the original M&M Building can be seen in the left half of this photo. A large generator will allow the new building to serve as a shelter in the event of a major storm and power outage.

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