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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Record: Readers slam daily as 'rabid, left-wing publication,' 'liberal news,' 'junk'

President Trump isn't the only one slamming the media, as shown by recent reader reviews on NorthJersey.com's Facebook page. This cartoon is from Nate Beeler of The Columbus Dispatch.



In comments on NorthJersey.com's Facebook page, readers react to how The Record covered Donald J. Trump's messy transition and the early weeks of his presidency.

Iris Borman of Cliffside Park said she has seen The Record go from "being fairly in the center of the political world to being a rabid, leftwing publication."

Barbara Cerenzio of Cliffside Park blames The Record's coverage of the Bridgegate trial for why Governor Christie didn't get "a job with Trump."

Jodi Orlando DelliSanti cancelled her subscription, because she wants "unbiased news."

Reader Kevin Milligan says he throws his paper "in the garbage daily."

Jimmy Drake of West New York says The Record of Woodland Park has gone so far "left" it belongs on "the Left Coast."

Drake added:
"I've received the record paper for over 20 years and honestly - I don't want to read the Haight Ashbury. LGBTQ, anarchist, kapernian daily spit on the Americans who GAVE him the right, beg Isis to please enter our country OR the media will blast everyone as racists and so on."

Debbie Campbell Antonacci of Wyckoff says The Record is turning into "just another liberal one sided news filled with half truths .... I hope you go out of business."

'More and more' bias

Here is Borman's Jan. 1o "review" of The Record and NorthJersey.com in full:
"I have been a subscriber of The Bergen Record, now known as The Record for about 30 years. I have seen this paper go from being fairly in the center of the political world to being a rabid leftwing publication.
"Particularly with this election cycle, it seems not a day goes by without a column that trashes Trump. At the same time, the reporters totally ignored the preponderance of illegal evidence against Hillary Clinton. Of course, the paper endorsed Clinton. No surprise there.
"The totally biased reporting on a daily basis is not what I expect from a newspaper. I expect their reporters to report on the news, not to give me their opinion on every page.
"Now, with the sale of the paper to the Gannett organization, every day the number of news stories gets less and less, the bias more and more.
"To add insult to injury, the management of the paper has made it very hard to communicate with them. Having left 2 messages for the editor I decided to resort to Facebook.
"Maybe this will get their attention, although I'm picking up an arrogance from them so this will probably be ignored. I guess whether or not I continue my subscription isn't important to them."

Downplaying Trump

Borman and other readers who slammed The Record for its coverage of Trump might be pleased with how Saturday's edition was missing a Page 1 news story about the president. 

However, an editorial urged Congress to "put politics aside" and investigate Michael Flynn's contacts with Russians during the transition (11A).

Flynn resigned as Trump's national security adviser, a job he held for only 24 days.

Today's Sunday edition continues to downplay Trump, giving his campaign rally in Florida a small corner of the front page (1A).

Print edition

Vin Frick's Jan. 17 review on NorthJersey.com's Facebook page blasted the November redesign of The Record's print edition:
"Terrible. Less content than before. Large pictures often not related to the story content. Same picture used twice on different pages of the same day's paper.
"Reprinting the same story and also the same letter to "Your View" two days in a row.
"Multiple fonts in obvious attempts to either fill space or crowd things so as not to require printing (and having to fill) another page.
"Conclusion: Lots of journalistic tricks to fill space after reducing content. Many editing errors - word usage, spelling, spacing, and others.
"Obviously cutting corners and living up to what they said in an earlier editorial 'electronic media first' (or something very close to those words).
"They will no longer have a 'follow-up' delivery the same day, if you call before 9 am to let them know that your paper was not delivered? When will we see a real restaurant review?
"Why is it no longer possible [to] contact individual reporters via email ? More than 40 years of weekly delivery is about to end very soon."


On Saturday, Better Living Columnist Bill Ervolino wrote about "beloved hand-me-downs" people won't part with.

In fact, Ervolino and most of The Record's other columnists are themselves "hand-me-downs" from former Publisher Stephen A. Borg.

And it looks like the payroll-slashing Gannett Co. won't be parting with them any time soon (Ervolino, Mike Kelly, Charles Stile, John Cichowski, etc.).

Layoff notices handed to 141 reporters, editors and other North Jersey Media Group employees in January apparently didn't include Ervolino, Kelly and the others.

The 141 have until March 25 before they are shown the door.