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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tens of millions wonder: Short of cutting off his head, how do we get rid of Trump?

"Real Estate President and Climate Change" is from Dutch cartoonist Arend Van Dam, who is reacting to President Trump's string of lies on why the United States is pulling out of the Paris climate accord, joining only Syria and Nicaragua on the sidelines.



The Record's editors, columnist and reporters knock themselves out today telling voters Tuesday's primary to replace Governor Christie is "predictable" and "uninspiring" (1A, 8A, 9A, 1O).

Massive voter apathy is cited in the election of New York billionaire Donald J. Trump as president, and bored so-called journalists like the ones at the Woodland Park daily are responsible for inspiring it in elections big and small.

Even though the election to replace Christie -- a GOP thug who has brought New Jersey to its knees -- is being overshadowed by the mayhem in Washington, D.C., that's no reason to dismiss it, as The Record does today.

As an aside, an apparent production error means Democratic front-runner Phil Murphy is the only candidate whose full name doesn't appear in bold type in the so-called Voter Guide to issues at stake in the election (8A). 

'Elections matter'

In Tuesday's Democratic and Republican primaries, as in the 2015-16 presidential campaign, the news media failed to hammer home the message that "elections matter and voting counts," as President Obama noted after Trump's shocking Electoral College victory.

Now, days after President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord, citing bogus economic data, tens of millions of Americans are wondering how they can get rid of him -- without actually wishing, along with comedian Kathy Griffin, that someone cut off his head.

The surest way to get rid of him -- assuming he isn't impeached before 2020 -- is to vote. That's it. Couldn't be clearer.

About 35% of registered Democrats didn't vote in the 2016 presidential election, and 42% of those who stayed on the sidelines were black, Hispanic or a member of another minority group, according to FiveThirtyEight.com.

From Rick McKee of The Augusta Chronicle in Georgia. For more political cartoons about Trump and others, see The Cagle Post.

Hackensack cops

A front-page story today reports the Hackensack City Council "voted to force" five police officers into retirement, and that all had been involved in shootings (1A). 

But on Wednesday, the day after the vote, the same reporter, Rodrigo Torrejon, said the action was proposed initially for seven officers, not five, and that most were "involved in shootings and fatal accidents" (Wednesday's Local news front).

"Six of the seven applications were approved by the council, with one tabled," Torrejon reported on Wednesday.