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Friday, June 2, 2017

World leaders, U.S. states and cities ignore Trump lies on pulling out of climate deal

Australian Peter Lewis calls his cartoon, "An American Out of Paris."
This is from Canadian political cartoonist Ingrid Rice. See more at Cagle.com.



India's power minister wants to promote all-electric cars so that by 2030, not a single gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle would be sold in his country.

The goal is to reduce a staggering 1.2 million premature deaths annually from air pollution, and save $60 billion in energy costs.

Air pollution, including emissions from road transportation, kills about 200,000 Americans prematurely, according to MIT.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk cited 53,00o annual deaths from auto emissions when he took the wraps off the all-electric Model 3, a zero-emissions sedan with a sticker price of $35,000 that is going into production this year.

So, world leaders, many U.S. states and big cities, and CEOs of Exxon and other companies remain defiant after President Trump said the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement to reduce greenhouse gases, "because it would cost American jobs," USA Today reports.

The Record of Woodland Park and other news outlets quoted Trump's many lies about the climate accord, and just threw up their hands instead of trying to separate fact from fiction.

The headline on today's editorial in The Record:

"Trump puts America first, Earth second"

That's cute, but it's not accurate. 

Road slaughter

Besides the grumpy old man who is president, readers of The Record are stuck with a grumpy old columnist who just shrugs at the slaughter of pedestrians, and gives a pass to drivers who are getting away with murder.

I'm still waiting for Road Warrior John Cichowski to call for stronger criminal laws against drivers who kill pedestrians.

Instead, he continues to waste his time and his readers' time on roadside litter (Page 1 today) and other inconsequential topics.

On Wednesday, The Record ran a front-page story reporting old news: 

"The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office said this month [May] that authorities decided against filing criminal charges late last year [italics added]" against James Duncan, 62, a Park Ridge volunteer police reserve officer.

In Park Ridge on June 19, 2016, Duncan's Volvo SUV entered a one-way street the wrong way at a high rate of speed and killed two pedestrians in a marked crosswalk, Mao-Chia Hu, 64, of Montvale and Ioannis Kapantais, 69, of Park Ridge.

"The collision [between SUV and pedestrians] resulted from a sudden, unexpected medical condition," Assistant Prosecutor Martin Delaney said, but he declined to provide details about the "condition."

Police said Duncan "suffered from a medical episode," The Record reported, but they also withheld the nature of his medical condition.

One question The Record never answers is whether Duncan could be held criminally responsible, if he failed regularly to take medication for his "condition."

The Prosecutor's Office also failed to file criminal charges in several other pedestrian deaths in recent years.